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Our extensive network of experienced appraisers provides us the flexibility to meet your appraisal due date needs.  On a continual basis, our team is in communication with our appraisers regarding current volume and availability.  We are constantly placing orders with appraisers best suited for each assignment; this process normally includes assessing the ability to perform in a timely manner.  Once the report is electronically delivered to us, a strenuous multilevel review process is executed before the report is approved and forwarded to the client.  

  • All orders received by 5 pm are routed directly to appraiser on same day
  • Appraiser is typically in contact with homeowner within 48 hours of order acceptance by appraiser
  • Each report undergoes extensive quality control testing and electronically delivered to client 
  • Status email notices are delivered to keep you aware of appraisal progression

For complex property orders, remote locations, or periods of extremely heavy ordering volume, turn times may be extended.  In these instances, our team will set your expectations accordingly at the time the order is received.

Those in need of an appraisal quicker than our advertised turn times should call Market Appraisals for assistance.  During periods of low demand for appraisals, it may be possible to obtain a report quicker than our posted turn time with no added expense.  During periods of moderate to high demand for appraisals, it may be possible to add a rush fee to the request to assure that the report will be delivered to meet your urgent need.  In either case, Market Appraisals is ready with a solution to your needs.

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